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The TEEN MOMS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CLUB meets weekly to empower teenagers to be good moms, providing creative programmes focused on their needs as both teenagers and moms.

Here two of our teen moms share their stories (with their permission)

My name is Lisinda and I’m a teen mom.  I fell pregnant at the age of 14 and for me it was a huge shock, not only for me but the people who looked up to me.  The first thing on my mind was to have an abortion just to get this “thing” out of my stomach.  I ended the relationship with my baby’s father because he was a Casanova and I knew that I was not the only one he was with.

I heard of Options at school and I saw the posters.  I never knew that counselling can have such a huge impact but it did.  My counsellor told me all of the facts.  I accepted the baby and kept going to school.  My teachers accepted it and have supported me and Options has supported me as well.

I gave birth to my son and I love him more than anything.  Options supports me with clothes and toiletries and I’m in the Teen Moms Club where I learn a lot of things.  I’m doing well at school and next year I will be in matric.  My dream for the future is to become a teacher and I want to play the role in others’ lives that my teachers played in mine.  With God and Options I can smile at a storm… and I also believe in abstinence!

My name is Prudence and I’m 17 years old.  I grew up in a family of intellectuals and it has always been expected for me to do well in everything I do.  I was pregnant in grade 9 at the age of 13 years.  It was a shock to my parents when they found out I was pregnant but they accepted me.  There was a feeling inside of me that I’m not going for an abortion because God is there for me and He will answer for me.  

I’m back in school and I’m a good mother for my child.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned from Options…

  • practice gratitude because showing gratitude for everything in
    your life gives you opportunities for learning and growth

  • forgive yourself and stop judging yourself for past mistakes you
    did and move on with your new life

  • be honest and true to yourself and practice honesty with others

  • I see how nice it is to have God in my life

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